About Sherwood Black Studios

Alexandra (Alex) Sherwood Black Morrison is a Canadian born artist, living and working in Europe. Her core interest and practice is abstract painting but she also experiments in sculpture, and design, employing various materials and mediums in her work.

Her professional education began in the Fine Arts Program at Ontario, Canada's Guelph University, graduating in 2010 with an Honors Bachelor's degree. She then attended Toronto's, Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) in an interdisciplinary Masters Diploma, and during this period participated in a gallery internship in Brussels, Belgium. While working there she explored Belgium's rich and varied artistic community and decided to apply, and was accepted into the Vrie Kunst Master's Program at the Sint Lukas Brussels Institute, graduating in 2014.

She now lives permanently in Belgium. 

Continuing her work, she has had multiple exhibitions in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France and has worked and collaborated with a myriad of artists including painters, sculptors and musicians.

Sherwood Black Studios was founded in 2019 by Alex and her partner, Bert Couss√©.  It is a private gallery space for an emerging artist collective featuring original works from Liliane Demeester and Patrick Lepoutre of ART 111 GALLERY in Menen. 

Sherwood Black Studios is located close to Brussels, Belgium in the picturesque region of Geraardsbergen, in the village of Ophasselt. The site was formerly a cattle farm, a commune, a restaurant, and a private residence, and has recently been renovated into a gallery space with plans for a 5-acre sculpture garden. 

For additonal information or to make a private appointment please visit www.sherwoodblack.com or www.sherwoodblackstudios.be or email at sherwood.black@icloud.com